10/29/21 Press Release

In an effort to maintain transparent communication with our stakeholders, Hesperia Unified School District (HUSD) would like to address some concerning rumors being spread through social media recently.

On 10/28/21, HUSD was made aware of social media posts claiming that school districts in California were planning to vaccinate students for COVID-19 without parental consent.  HUSD is absolutely not planning to vaccinate any student for any illness whatsoever without parental consent.  Furthermore, under current local, State, and Federal law, it would be illegal to vaccinate minors for any illness without parental consent.  Per-current law, if any person or organization attempted to vaccinate students without parental consent, HUSD would stop them and immediately contact law enforcement.

Our district staff does and will continue to act in an emergency situation to save student and staff lives.  These emergency medical actions NEVER include vaccination for any illness.  In emergency situations, every effort is made to contact the parent/guardian.

If you have any other questions, please contact the front office of your child’s school.