English Learning Instruction

Importance of EL Instruction

Teachers who teach ELs have a dual responsibility. The first is to ensure that all ELs have full access to the grade-level curriculum in all content areas, and the second is to ensure that ELs simultaneously develop the advanced levels of English necessary for success with academic tasks and texts in those content areas. English language development (ELD) instruction is one necessary component of a comprehensive instructional program for ELs that fulfills this dual responsibility.

ELD instruction should amplify the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy’s emphasis on language and content development through collaborative literacy tasks. ELs at all levels of proficiency are able to engage in intellectually challenging and content-rich activities, with appropriate support from teachers that addresses their language and academic learning needs. All teachers should attend to the language learning needs of their ELs in strategic ways that promote the simultaneous development of content knowledge and advanced levels of English.

District EL Master Plan

The English Learner Master Plan provides guidance and direction to administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and students regarding the options available to parents and the expectations the District holds for each school and classroom in the District. It offers a practical guide for all staff to ensure that consistent, coherent services are provided to every English learner (EL).