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Our School

Mission Statement


  • Learning for all through critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.


Mesa Grande’s Focus


  • Bringing Health and Medicine to the Forefront of Education


Health and Medicine PP Final

Our Colors

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School Mascot


  • The mustang horse is Mesa Grande’s mascot. The mustang is a strong, small horse that was the earliest and favorite horse used by the American cowboys. The mustangs are smaller than average horses, but have greater endurance. They are very smart horses and are highly valued by the cowboy, whose most precious possession in frontier days was his horse. A cowboy’s horse not only served as his means of transportation, but also was responsible for keeping him safe on often treacherous trails and was essential in helping him make a living as a cowhand.
  • Mesa Grande students are proud to be called Mustangs! They are known to be strong and smart. Each day they are learning new things that will help them to be safe and successful on the trails of life.


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